renact The Benefits of CBD for ADHD What The Research Shows 3

The Benefits of CBD for ADHD: What The Research Shows

renact The Benefits of CBD for ADHD What The Research Shows 3

We’ve never lived in a time with greater awareness of ADHD and ADD. But while more and more people are getting diagnosed with these conditions, treatment options are still lagging behind. Today, CBD and other cannabinoids offer a new source of hope: these plant-derived molecules could improve focus and help people with ADHD perform better with their neurodivergence. Let’s take a closer look at what the most recent science shows:


A Short Definition of ADD and ADHD


ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and ADD (attention deficit disorder) are two neurodevelopmental disorders. Let’s take a look at what that means: both of these conditions are life-long and have to do with the way that people’s brains work. They are not mental disorders but rather neurological differences that come with pros and cons.

People with ADD and ADHD have a harder time than most keeping their focus for extended periods of time. They tend to get distracted by small things, fidget a lot, and lose their train of thought easily. When hyperactivity comes into play, they also struggle to sit still and need a lot of movement to feel well.


Having ADHD or ADD can also be a strength. But in most cases, individuals with this neurological condition need to work hard on learning to manage their condition.


renact The Benefits of CBD for ADHD What The Research Shows 2

The Benefits of CBD For Attention And Focus


People who take CBD often note that it helps them feel more focused throughout the day. While there is little actual research on that phenomenon, we know that CBD is very effective in relieving anxiety. Taking CBD makes you feel calmer, which naturally increases your ability to pay attention and focus on things for longer periods of time.


There’s also the fact that CBD can help you fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep cycles. When you sleep better and wake up feeling rested, you’re naturally better able to keep your focus on throughout the day.


With so many studies showing the benefits of CBD for a very wide range of mental health issues, it’s no wonder that the molecule can also improve focus and attention. When we feel good in our heads and confident tackling the day, things like sustained attention tend to follow suit. But what about CBD for ADHD and ADD?


Does CBD For ADHD Work?


Taking CBD for attention and focus may work well for neurotypical people, but it isn’t necessarily so obvious for people with ADD or ADHD. Anecdotal evidence does suggest that CBD could help people with these conditions to focus better and feel more at peace throughout the day. And there is even research to support this finding.

A 2017 study of the effects of full-spectrum cannabis on people with ADHD showed that it could help with symptoms of hyperactivity and attention. Researchers noted “significant improvements” in the mental state of the 30 patients who took part in the study.


It’s hard to draw a clear conclusion on the benefits of CBD for ADHD and ADD. However, because non-THC cannabinoids come with very few side effects, giving them a try can definitely be worth it.


renact The Benefits of CBD for ADHD What The Research Shows 1


CBD Dosage For ADD: Finding What Works


Due to the limited number of studies on CBD for ADHD and ADD, giving dosage recommendations isn’t easy. Moreover, every person with ADHD and ADD experiences different issues and different levels of discomfort. With that in mind, the best way of finding out the ideal CBD dosage for ADD or ADHD is to try out a few different doses and see what works.


For anyone new to CBD, we recommend starting out with a daily dose of 10 to 15 milligrams. Over time, this dose can be increased. The idea is to keep track of how much you are taking and how it makes you feel. Some people find that they are perfectly fine sticking to a low daily dose of 15mg a day, while others may need to get up to 50 or even 100mg to keep their ADD symptoms under control.

Final Words

While CBD for ADHD and ADD is still underresearched, a lot of anecdotal evidence indicates it could provide significant relief. People with ADHD and ADD who start taking CBD can expect to experience more peace of mind, better focus, reduced levels of impulsivity and fidgeting.

Renact’s patented Relief formula is a pure cannabinoids vaping extract that’s aimed specifically at relieving anxiety and improving cognitive abilities. Easy to use and easy to dose, it’s the perfect introduction to CBD for anyone trying to boost their mental wellbeing—give it a try today by ordering your first vape!

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