A deeply relaxing dream-inducing cannabinoids formula

Full spectrum
100 % organic hemp
Only pure extractsNicotine-free – no PG, no VG, no MCT
Terpenes from plantsCaryophyllene, guaiol, phytol, bisabolol
CannabinoidsCBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV


Our REST formula is made from a curated, well-researched blend of pure cannabinoids.


How much can we really rest?

Sleep problems affect around 31% of the European population. Among those troubles, chronic insomnia affects over 10%—which represents over 75 million people.

Sleeping disorders take many forms. Some of them have to do with falling asleep, others affect the quality of sleep itself, and others still cause some of us to wake up in the middle of the night.

Each sleep condition has different causes.

Overthinking, stress and a heavy workload can make sleeping difficult. Renact takes that into consideration with formulas to enhance physical and mental comfort through good, solid rest.

Science background

It all started with the works of Dr. Ronald Glas at the Donders Institute in the 1990’s. After studying cannabinoids for years, Glas found that one of his formulas induced longer sleep segments and fewer instances of waking up.

Following from that research, we’ve been working with his team and specialized labs closely, investigating further into how cannabinoids work. Phyto cannabinoids work like Endo cannabinoids, It helps in producing specific biological compounds that are necessary for our overall wellbeing, developing feelings of satisfaction, relieving trauma, and improving sleep. Phytocannabinoids, play an important part in maintaining overall wellbeing through homeostasis—as well as addressing particular issues. Our current REST formula is the direct result of all these years of research and development.

Working from the legacy of Ronal Glas, who spent 30 years in R&D on cannabinoids and chemotypes, RENACT has identified the right ratios of the right cannabinoids for this specific formula.
Thanks to Dr Glas’ own cannabis taxonomy and classification system, and thanks 38. 000 different combinations tested, we are able to choose the right cannabinoids and their respective relevant proportion for a specific formula.

Functional Formula: Turn On Your Rest

The Renact formula has a unique profile.

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t all due to the effects of CBD. Minor cannabinoids such as CBG, used in the right ratio, can have an even bigger impact. By combining specific and minors cannabinoids and terpenes in all the right proportions, this formula reveals all its properties

Quality First

To guarantee that our product is as pure and safe as possible, we don’t use propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or MCT oil. Instead, our vaping extract is made of 100% organic hemp—no additives!

We operate under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification, meaning that we track and test every single batch of product. We’ve also received CCOF Organic certification and Kosher certification.

Post manufacturing, our products get tested by a third-party lab. This allows us to guarantee that they are free from

  • heavy metals
  • dangerous solvents and other chemicals
  • nicotine

The Renact Rest Cannabinoids Extract

As a result, the REST formula combines not only CBD, but 7 minor and rare cannabinoids. This formula is made from pure extracts.

Our product comes in the form of a vaping extract that is used with a vaping device. It’s easy to use, easy to dose, and comes in 3 different sizes. Order your starter kit now to start experiencing the benefits of a pure precise cannabinoids formula.

Turn on Your Rest

Our cannabinoids vaping system

Premium Starter

One week average use *

Cartridge0.3 ml
Dosage213 mg

39,00 Ex VAT Add to cart

Premium Advanced

Twelve days average use *

Cartridge0.5 ml
Dosage356 mg

50,35 Ex VAT Add to cart

Our cannabinoids vaping cartridges

0.5 ml Cartridge

Cartridge0.5 ml
Dosage356 mg

38,35 Ex VAT Add to cart

Pack of 2 Cartridges

Cartridges2 x 0.5 ml
Dosage712 mg


Annual Subscription

Cartridges12 x 1.0 ml
Doses*480 / 2 months
Dosage1 424 mg / 2 months


(*) upon average use, 3 to 4 seconds of inhalation, at normal pull out pressure
Starting doses: 4 doses per day for about one week, for a first time cannabinoids consumer

Recommendation of use: 3,1 Volt battery set (Blue light) on – press 3 times on battery button to change settings, after turning on the device (5 times press)

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