A daily comfort enhancer for day to day wellbeing

Full spectrum
100 % organic hemp
Only pure extractsNicotine-free – no PG, no VG, no MCT
Terpenes from plantsCaryophyllene, guaiol, phytol, bisabolol
CannabinoidsCBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV

Our cannabinoids vaping kits and cartridges

Premium Starter

One week average use *

Cartridge0.3 ml
Dosage220 mg

49,92 Incl. VAT Add to cart

Premium Advanced

Twelve days average use *

Cartridge0.5 ml
Dosage366 mg

59,44 Incl. VAT Add to cart

0.5 ml Cartridge

Twelve days average use *

Cartridge0.5 ml
Dosage366 mg

44,57 Incl. VAT Add to cart

(*) upon average use, 3 to 4 seconds of inhalation, at normal pull out pressure
Starting doses: 4 doses per day for about one week, for a first time cannabinoids consumer

Recommendation of use: 3,1 Volt battery set (Blue light) on – press 3 times on battery button to change settings, after turning on the device (5 times press)

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I’ve been smoking it for 8 weeks now. It keeps what it promises. I am fully satisfied. I’m a pain patient and I have to say it helps a lot with my nerve pain. It’s best to try it yourself. It vapes very well.



I got a chance to try the Relief vape pen and was very impressed with the results. The vaping experience is very smooth. I was surprised by the taste of the vape which is very delicate and almost reminds me of incense. The pen is super easy to use and actually lasts a long time. I found the effects to be calming, grounding, and perfect to use for before bed or in stressful situations. Would definitely use again.

I have never used CBD before and was wondering if I would feel the effects. Having tried Relief many times now, I can tell a big difference. I just feel better, my mind isn’t going crazy and I can concentrate better . I like to use it, especially after work, to calm down a bit. I wouldn’t want to be without this vape pen from my everyday life anymore


For a fully-functional daily sense of wellness. Experience a balanced state where relaxation, confidence, sociability, and curiosity meet.

How often can you say you’ve had a satisfying day?

Statistics say that one in three Europeans are concerned with their mental health, particularly stress, anxiety and mood disorders. But, actually, we are all concerned. The Covid-19 epidemic certainly hasn’t helped, as we have seen mental illness spike dramatically in the past couple of years. Pre-covid, 165 million people in Europe were affected by varying mental health conditions.

And, of course, this figure doesn’t even include the fact that each of us have to struggle with daily life issues, such as home and family responsibilities, work-loads, stress, negative environmental situations, increasing traveling distances and shorter deadlines.

We all need some time to relax, and the tools, support and life-hacks to help us to cope with these issues. Not achieving a rested state simply means our well-being cannot reach its maximum level.

Today, cannabinoid science offers some of the best ways to help us reach a sense of balance and a sense of wellness throughout the day.

Functional Science: Turn On Your Relief

RELIEF is all about providing you with a greater sense of well-being. But what exactly is well-being? Well-being means feeling well in all areas of life; feeling good in your body, at peace in your own mind, and comfortable in interpersonal relationships, which is essentially what homeostasis is.

RELIEF is geared to improving day-to-day well-being which concerns cognitive abilities, social skills, and stress management. It uses phytocannabinoids which can help to address imbalances in the body and reach homeostasis.

This formula may encourage you to think outside of the box and try out some of the new avenues that life constantly has to offer; addressing some inhibitions which may prevent you from fully enjoying the moment. Certainly. everyone is looking for greater interest in their life experience.

RELIEF is made up of ten cannabinoids, and with our unique blend, you can enjoy a better quality of life at any time of the day. After all, you deserve to take back control of yourself.

Quality First

To guarantee that our product is as pure and safe as possible, we do not use propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or MCT oil. Instead, our vaping extract is made from 100% organic hemp—no additives!

We operate under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification, meaning that we track and test every single batch of product, all of which are produced in a pharma-grade controlled environment. Our products also have CCOF Organic Certification and Kosher Certification.

Post manufacturing, our products are subject to testing by a third-party laboratory, which enables us to guarantee our products comply with strict AFNOR and European guidelines and are free from:

  • heavy metals
  • dangerous solvents and other chemicals
  • nicotine (none) or THC (almost inexistent)

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