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CBD Vape Juice vs CBD Cartridges—A Closer Look At Two Vaping Options

CBD is catching on– and for good reason! Folks everywhere are seeking relief from a variety of symptoms, and finding it with CBD.


Vaping CBD is the quickest and most bioavailable way to experience the results you’re looking for. Not only that, it is convenient and discreet. But finding the right CBD to vape can be confusing. What is the best product to vape? And how can you be sure that the CBD you’re vaping is safe?


There are two main ways to vape CBD– CBD cartridges and CBD vape juice. But which is better? Which is more effective? Which is safer? Read on to discover which one is right for you!


CBD Cartridges


CBD cartridges are a very practical option. The CBD oil or extract is already housed in a convenient cartridge or pod that you simply screw onto your vape battery. While some CBD cartridges are refillable, many are disposable cartridges that you can simply toss when you have vaped all of their contents.


With a disposable cartridge, all ingredients are already pre-measured and cleanly contained in the cartridge, so there is no messy or sticky refilling process. Simply screw a neat, new pre-filled cartridge onto your vape battery.


The vape batteries that are used with cartridges operate at a low voltage, since the CBD in cartridges is able to combust at a lower temperature.


As long as you are purchasing your cartridges from a reputable CBD retailer, you can be sure that your CBD vape cartridge contains accurate dosage and safe ingredients. A trustworthy CBD company will clearly list their ingredients and measurements on the package and be forthcoming about how and where their CBD is grown and processed.


Most CBD cartridges use full-spectrum CBD, which is a more potent, whole form of CBD. CBD works best when accompanied by its cannabinoid team– this is called the entourage effect. With full-spectrum CBD, companies can tailor their products to address specific needs by dialing up or down the different terpenes and cannabinoids present in full-spectrum CBD.


When you read the ingredients label on your CBD vape product, make sure it does not contain vegetable glycerine (VG) or  propylene glycol (PG). These are harmful additives that are very commonly used in inferior vaping products. Renact never uses VG or PG in cartridges!



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CBD Vape Juice


Vape juice is a product that originated with e-cigarettes. Historically, vape juice has been predominantly made up of vegetable glycerine (VG) or propylene glycol (PG), along with added nicotine and flavoring.


As CBD has begun to gain popularity, vape juice with added CBD isolate has become more common.


Vape juice comes in bottles, rather than cartridges, so you’ll need to do the refilling yourself, which can create a sticky situation.


Vape juice needs to be heated at very high temperatures, so you’ll need a powerful battery on your vape cart.


CBD vape juice typically contains CBD isolate, which does not contain any cannabinoids apart fromr CBD itself, and does not contain any terpenes. Moreover, the CBD dosage in vape juice is often inconsistent and difficult to evaluate.


While CBD vape juice can sometimes be a more affordable option, be careful. Any CBD product that is overly cheap can be a sign that it is made from inferior products and may contain harmful additives. Be sure to read the ingredient list carefully! And avoid vaping anything that contains VG or PG.


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CBD Vape Juice vs CBD Cartridges


To summarize,  let’s compare CBD vape juice and CBD cartridges side by side:

CBD Cartridges

CBD Vape Juice

  • Easy to refill
  • Easier to dose
  • Cleaner, no spilling
  • Don’t require high voltage to heat
  • Can be expensive
  • Disposable or refillable
  • Can contain full-spectrum CBD
  • Some brands contain VG or PG– check the label!
  • Can contain flavors
  • More difficult to refill
  • More difficult to dose
  • Can get messy
  • Require powerful batteries to heat
  • More affordable, but often low quality
  • Made for refills
  • Typically contains CBD isolate
  • Most contain VG and/or PG
  • Usually contain artificial flavoring


A Few Additional Considerations




Flavorings are very popular in vaping products. They certainly make vaping more fun—but it comes at a cost. In general, flavored products contain a lot more additives. If you’re looking for a product that derives stricly from the cannabis plant, it will be unflavored by definition. So it’s really up to you to figure out how you feel about tasting pure hemp. Taste or quality, which one do you put first?




CBD vape juice requires a higher voltage than CBD cartridges. On the one hand, this can make for a much bigger cloud of vapor. On the other hand, some of the cannabinoids in your product could get destroyed by the heavy heat. So although vape juice may be more “fun” to use, it can be inferior in terms of the cannabinoids entering your body.


One more tip: never use a CBD cartridge in a vape that was meant to be used with vape juice. The voltage of the battery will likely be much too powerful—which could damage the cartridge or even cause it to start melting and destroy it.




Because CBD isn’t naturally water-soluble, it has to be heavily processed to be put into water-based vape juice. Unfortunately, the additives involved in the process are not always mentioned on the product’s packaging. So do keep in mind that CBD vape juice typically contains a lot more additives than CBD cartridges.

Custom CBD Cartridges


Another great thing about CBD cartridges sourced from a reputable full-spectrum CBD company is that because of  their CBD expertise, they can create custom cannabinoid and terpene formulations in order to address their clients’ specific needs. Some companies, like Renact, offer disposable cartridges that are specially formulated for different effects like sleep, relaxation, or stress relief.


As you can see, cartridges come out on top for ease, cleanliness, safety, reliability and potency. What are you waiting for? Check out Renact’s custom CBD cartridges and get started with vaping CBD today!

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