renact Does Vaping Damage Your Teeth 1

Does Vaping Damage Your Teeth? A Dental Health Perspective

Is vaping bad for your teeth? We answer this common question by looking at the main culprits in vapes: ingredients that damage teeth, and those that don't.
renact CBD vape juice vs CBD cartridges 3

CBD Vape Juice vs CBD Cartridges—A Closer Look At Two Vaping Options

CBD Vape Juice vs CBD Cartridges: Which option is better tailored to your needs? We take a look at the pros and cons of these two ways of taking CBD with a vape
renact The Benefits of CBD for ADHD What The Research Shows 3

The Benefits of CBD for ADHD: What The Research Shows

New studies show that taking CBD for ADHD could have a lot of benefits. Learn more about how it works and how taking CBD can improve focus and concentration.
renact CBD For Pain Relief—Recommended CBD Dosage For Every Type of Pain 2

CBD For Pain Relief — Recommended CBD Dosage For Every Type of Pain

We discuss the best recommended CBD dosage for pain, whether you suffer from chronic, acute, inflammatory, or neuropathic pain. Learn more about CBD for pain relief.

Does CBD Relieve Migraines? Here’s What The Research Says

If you're interested in taking CBD for migraines, here is what you need to know. We explore the benefits of CBD for headaches and how to find the right dosage.
renact CBD for Social Anxiety What To Expect1

CBD for Social Anxiety: What To Expect

New studies show that taking CBD for social anxiety could be an effective treatment. Read on to learn more and get some advice on CBD dosage for social anxiety.

CBD Bioavailability: The Complete Guide With Q&As

Learn about rates of CBD bioavailability and how they relate to CBD absorption in your body. We also answer common questions on how to make CBD more bioavailable.
A hand is holding a CBD vape pen

How Much CBD Should I Vape? The Complete Guide To CBD Dosage with a Vape Pen

If you're new to vaping CBD, you may be unsure about the ideal dosage for you. How much CBD is too much? How do you know how much you vaped? Find out here
limonene terpene naturally found in hemp

Understanding the Entourage Effect – Why It Changes The Effects Of CBD

Not sure what the entourage effect actually is? We take a closer look at the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes on CBD products—and how they interact together.
Woman jumping in a mountain scene

CBD: Booster or Downer? How CBD Affects Your Energy Levels

CBD has relaxing effects, but does it mean it makes you tired? How long does CBD last? And what can you expect from it in terms of energy levels? Read to find out
picture of different types of CBD: oil, edibles, herb, with varying levels of bioavailability

10 Benefits of Vaping CBD (And Why Bioavailability Matters)

Supplementing with CBD has many potential benefits. The method of CBD administration that offers the best bioavailability is inhalation (smoking or vaping).
How To Dose CBD For Better Sleep

How To Dose CBD For Better Sleep

Here are things to take into consideration when finding your ideal CBD dosage for sleep: How much CBD for sleep you should take and how to get maximum results.

Does CBD Help With Nausea? A Closer Look At The Science

Taking CBD for nausea and vomiting could be one of the most effective natural solutions. Find out what the research shows and how to take CBD for fast relief.

What are the different types of CBD?

If you have already heard about CBD products and their therapeutic effects, you may want to know more about its different types.

How does CBD make you feel? CBD high and effects explained

The rapid rise in the popularity of CBD is largely due to the benefits its users have observed over time. But what are the effects of CBD?

CBD for hangover: can it help you to make it through?

Even though CBD is not an exact hangover solution, credible scientific evidence suggests that it can mitigate significant hangover symptoms.